28 / 05 / 2019

Local nursery and primary school children have buried a special time capsule at the brand new Lochside Grange housing development currently being developed by Lovell Homes in the Fife coastal village of Kinghorn.

Earlier this year, Lovell invited local children from Kinghorn Nursery and Primary School to put together the time capsule with various items that might be of interest to future generations. The plan is to leave the time capsule buried for a period of 100 years, at which point a future generation of local Kinghorn children will have the opportunity to dig it up and to explore the contents.

Children of all ages were involved in collecting items to be stored in the time capsule with each item carefully chosen to reflect the school’s values and what children have been learning.

Featured items included a school tie and samples of the children’s artwork. Primary Five pupils contributed a piece they had written about the school’s values called “Recipe for Success” while Primary Seven pupils added their own record and photographs of a recent residential trip to Millport.

Every child taking part also added their name and fingerprint to a Jenga puzzle piece to be included in the time capsule. A recent edition of local community newspaper the Kinghorn Chronicle was also included to provide a flavour of local community news in 2019.

Once complete, Kinghorn Nursery and Primary School children then visited Lochside Grange and, assisted by Lovell Training Advisor Kelly Harkness and Assistant Site Manager Kenneth Mowbray, buried the time capsule in a specially designated area of greenery on the site.

Located in the Fife coastal village of Kinghorn, Lochside Grange is a brand new development by Lovell Homes, offering a range of 2, 3, 4 and 5 bed properties for sale. Comprising 133 homes in total and including 10 properties developed for social rent on behalf of Kingdom Housing Association, the development is due for completion in May 2021.

Lynzi Bauld, learning support teacher at Kinghorn Primary School, said: “The children at Kinghorn Nursery and Primary School were delighted when Lovell Homes invited them to compile a time capsule and to bury it at the new Lochside Grange development. It’s been a great way to get children to think about their local community and how the school fits into that community – as well as being great fun to try imagining what future generations might think about the things we’ve included”.

Kelly Harkness, training advisor at Lovell, commented: “It’s been a really rewarding experience to get local children from Kinghorn Nursery and Primary involved in putting together a time capsule at Lochside Grange. As a learning experience, I think the children who took part got a huge amount out of it. 100 years from now, when the time capsule is opened, it will be fascinating to see what a future generation of residents of Kinghorn and Lochside Grange make of the contents.”