08 / 11 / 2019

Leading South Wales developer works with Cardiff Capital Region to provide opportunities for graduates.

Lovell has welcomed a University of the West of England graduate to the team as part of a Cardiff Capital Region (CCR) Graduate Scheme to link talented trainees with ambitious businesses in South Wales.

22-year-old Alex Smith has joined the leading partnerships housebuilder as a land and partnerships graduate, with a first-class honors degree in Real Estate, as well as bringing experience from his placement year with Savills PLC.

Since joining Lovell, Alex has been working with the team to assess land opportunities within South Wales and the south west of England.

The CCR Graduate Scheme aims to provide paid graduate level employment alongside a fully-funded professional qualification delivered by the University of South Wales as well as on-hand support during the internship and networking opportunities with fellow graduates.

As part of the CCR Graduate Scheme, Alex will be completing a qualification in leadership management where he attends monthly lectures and completes his coursework in his spare time.

Alex said: “I applied to this role because Lovell has a great reputation not only in South Wales but nationally too and the role was in a specific area of the business that I am particularly passionate about.

“During my time on the scheme I would like to learn more about the acquisition and development process in the industry and I hope to eventually become a chartered surveyor.

“Lovell has been an excellent employer so far and the team have all been very welcoming and friendly and I look forward to seeing what my future holds within the business.”

Gemma Clissett, regional partnerships director at Lovell, said: “We heard about the CCR scheme and the synergy between our two businesses felt great.

“We aim to recruit young talented individuals and we want to retain the talent and keep them within the business, and that’s very much the same as with the CCR graduate scheme – to keep people in Wales who want to stay there.”

Kellie Bierne, Director of the CCR City Deal, said: “We initially launched the graduate scheme as we understand that businesses can face barriers when it comes to recruitment, such as having enough resources and time to promote their business to talented graduates. Our graduate scheme is all about enabling us to support businesses within our region and encourage higher skilled employment across the private sector.

“We are delighted to have been able to facilitate Lovell’s successful appointment and strive to deliver the scheme across the region to help benefit our communities for years to come.”

For further information on Lovell visit www.lovell.co.uk

You can see what Gemma Clissett, regional partnerships director at Lovell, and Alex Smith had to say about the graduate scheme here https://www.ccrgraduatescheme.wales/case-studies/.

To view available opportunities with the CCR Graduate Scheme visit https://www.ccrgraduatescheme.wales.

To learn more about the CCR City Deal, please visit: https://www.cardiffcapitalregion.wales/.

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