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25 / 09 / 2020

Partnership housing specialist Lovell Partnerships has achieved nine awards in the 2020 Considerate Constructors Scheme National Site Awards, announced on 23 September.  This is a huge achievement and recognises the positive contribution Lovell makes to the communities they operate in both before, during and after construction.

The nine awards recognise a diverse range of Lovell Partnership schemes across the UK located in London, the Midlands, East Anglia and the Major Projects division, which has just completed the largest and most complex, military repatriation housing scheme in the UK, based at Salisbury Plain.

Commenting on this significant achievement, Lovell Partnerships’ Managing Director, Steve Coleby says: “this is a tremendous boost for the teams delivering these award-winning developments.  By the very nature of the partnership-housing schemes we are building, making a positive contribution to the communities we operate in and leaving a lasting legacy is central to what we do. 

“Working with our partners, we are constantly seeking new ways to make a tangible difference to the communities in which we work whether that’s through the creation of jobs, providing training opportunities, or building facilities that encourage wider community engagement and interaction.  At every site, our contribution goes way beyond building, our commitment is to ensure our schemes encourage greater economic mobility and long-term prosperity.  This is our measures of success.” 

The award-winning schemes reflect a diverse range of Lovell Partnership projects across the UK, from domestic refurbishment schemes in Staffordshire and Warwickshire to housing, infrastructure and regeneration schemes in London and East Anglia. 

Picking up three Silver awards is the recently completed, 917 homes development on behalf of the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) at Salisbury Plain.  This complex project, part of the Government’s strategy to repatriate troops from overseas duty, exemplifies Lovell Partnerships’ capability as Steve Coleby concludes: “what ties all of these schemes together is our opportunity to make a positive impact on somebody’s life, whether that’s the building of a home for a military family or the refurbishment of a kitchen, we never underestimate that opportunity.”