01 / 01 / 2018

GCH are steadily upgrading all of their housing stock with Lovell delivering all external refurbishment works to GCH properties which include individual houses, medium rise flats, BISF bungalows and 1950s build houses.

GCH are steadily upgrading all of their housing stock. The quality of materials and workmanship is a key element of their requirement. GCH see the benefit of doing a job properly, once.

Residents homes will be weatherproof, warm and secure. Ensuring reduced fuel poverty and increased comfort and safety.

Adaptions to resident’s homes ensure they are able to stay where they belong rather than having to move to alternative accommodation.

Improved street scenes generate greater pride and satisfaction for residents in their neighbourhoods, reducing the need to move for better facilities.

Lovell visit every property to validate, survey, scope and price the works. These are then discussed with GCH and a programme and cashflow forecast developed to meet the annual budget and GCH’s other priorities.

We work collaboratively with GCH to overcome challenges such as overhead cables and nesting seagulls. Typically, we run a four-week forward work programme. However, frequently we are asked to begin an emergency new job immediately eg. leaking roofs, disabled ramps, adaptions etc. We are able to do this effectively by working flexibly and using our approved supply chain to provide additional resources. Additional work is delivered as well as, not instead of programmed work.

Disabled adaptions are specified by the OT team. They have a problem to solve and we work with the client’s design team to provide technical solutions that work for residents that are affordable and buildable.

Projects have included building driveways for off road parking, access ramps to front and rear doors, hand rails, etc.


Resident engagement 

A full-time resident liaison officer visits every home before, during and after the works to ensure residents are ready for the work and happy whilst it is being carried out. 

We have developed a reputation of trust and honesty with the GCH team, they know we are looking after their tenants and interests. Demonstrated by Delighted Client scores and Service Delivery KPIs.

Open days are regularly held to discuss the programme and the works. Re-roofing programmes for low rise flats require sensitive discussions with leasehold residents and the GCH team regarding payment plan options.

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We have a very good working relationship. Very impressed that Lovell have met the required spend and quality for the year. We have a great team spirit.


Project Surveyor, GCH

Sensitively working with GCH and their residents

We have developed a reputation of trust and honesty with the GCH team.  They know we are looking after their tenants and interests and this is demonstrated by our Delighted Client scores and Service Delivery KPIs.

Examples include:

  • The house of a family with an autistic son was due to be re-roofed. Our RLO identified that he would be worried about unknown workmen, unusual activity, noise and scaffolding. Heather, the RLO and the Benji, the project manager worked with family and moved the property within the programme to term time when the son would be at school. We had a special introduction event for the work team and allocated extra resource for a speedy programme. The team received a specific induction to ensure they understood the priority requirements and the need for quiet working.

  • Another lady was very forgetful and kept forgetting why we were there. Heather visited every morning to re-introduce the team every day and check everything was ok.

  • During some external works a member of the public with dementia thought he was part of our team and began trying to help our operatives. Our team immediately stopped work and contacted the RLO (Heather) to attend quickly, GCH were also informed of the issue. Heather discovered where the gentleman lived, returned him to his home and ensured a health visitor arrived before we left.