10 / 01 / 2022

2021 saw a record number of new apprentices and trainees join us here at Lovell in East Anglia as part of our commitment to support new talent in the construction industry. Two of these are graduate trainees Ben Brownsell and Ronny Kay, both of whom are on a two-year Lovell training scheme in their respective fields.

Ben had always been interested in the technical side of things, but started out working on insurance for a property restoration company. Having successfully completed an HND, Ben used the points from that to help complete a degree in construction management. “I knew the industry was the one I wanted to be in, so when the position came up at Lovell I didn’t hesitate to apply,” said Ben.

He’s now training with us in pre-construction, the planning stage which involves defining the project, identifying any potential issues, planning and scheduling the scope, cost estimation and analysis of the job’s needs.

“Lovell offer me great career progression to build further on my studies,” said Ben. “They invest in their people, and I’d like to become an assistant site manager next, keep learning new skills and develop my career. I’m in the right place to achieve that.”

Ronny studied quantity surveying and commercial management at Nottingham Trent University. “The construction industry had a natural appeal to me, having family members working in the industry over the years,” said Ronny.

“The position at Lovell really appealed to me because they have a great reputation, and it’s located in an area where I grew up. I was impressed by their friendly attitude and knew after the interview I’d be a good fit, and that I’d get the training and attention required to help me succeed as an individual. I feel it provides me with a good stable career, I am very happy at work and can live comfortably.”

So, having taken up roles in construction with us here at Lovell, would our graduates recommend it? Ben says: “It’s never too late to change course and develop a career in construction. There are so many opportunities.” Ronny adds: “I would say to anyone thinking of coming into the industry, don’t be afraid; there are lots of options and you can always alter direction if you want to.”

Graduates interested in a construction industry career with Lovell should visit Careers at Lovell Partnerships for more information.