17 / 10 / 2022

To mark Menopause Awareness Day (Tuesday 18 October), Lovell is launching a framework of tools and information to support both colleagues, and their families, in navigating and managing the impact of menopause.

It forms part of our ongoing commitment to raising awareness of the challenges women face during the menopause and as a leading employer, how we can provide greater support. 

Lovell’s support of women suffering from menopause symptoms isn’t just about one day – it’s forever. And to mark the occasion two senior Lovell executives have taken part in a fireside chat, speaking from the heart about how menopause affected their life, both at home and at work, and crucially how it also affected those people around them. Jo Howe, Head of HR, is joined by Paula Broadbent, Managing Director of Lovell Later Living, and the discussion will be shared with Lovell employees on Tuesday 18th October.

Commenting on this approach, Jo says: “As a company Lovell is committed to supporting every employee in achieving their true potential. The average age of women reaching the menopause is 51, typically a time when women are at the peak of their careers with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. It is important that we continue to explore and open discussions around the best way of supporting every woman suffering at work. From my own experience, the menopause can be a very isolating and lonely period of a woman’s life, yet the symptoms don’t stop during the working day. It’s essential we recognise this, start the discussion about what the best support looks like and ensure menopause is a normal, everyday conversation.

“While the emphasis of menopause largely surrounds the impact it has on female colleagues, our male colleagues are also seeking education and guidance, whether that’s because they have noticed a colleague might be suffering or menopause is affecting their home life. Our framework of tools and resources will be available for every colleague, however it impacts them.”

Lovell already provides several employee support initiatives such as digital GP services, Fairness, Inclusion, and Respect (FIR) ambassadors, training for mental health first aiders specifically around the menopause, advice from experts and fact sheets. The current programme of work will help raise awareness of the symptoms women and those around them face, provide a platform for open discussion among colleagues and provide best practice solutions to make a real difference.

Steve Coleby, Managing Director, said: “We owe it to every single colleague to openly talk about the menopause.  It’s not a taboo subject – far from it – it’s a completely natural human process and it’s important we normalise it. Every single Lovell colleague will, at some point either experience the menopause, or be close to somebody suffering, if we’ve raised awareness of this important subject to even a fraction of our workforce then we’ve made a positive impact. I am absolutely behind this initiative and we will continue to invest in the training, the tools and the practical support our colleagues need. This isn’t a one-day event, this will strengthen our culture and empower every colleague to speak up on the subject of menopause, however it affects them.”