05 / 09 / 2022

Being part of an industry that records one of the highest rates of mental health illness, we are determined to ensure that our colleagues and their family members have the support they need to sustain great health and wellbeing.


Suicide Prevention

According to the construction industry’s mental health charity Mates in Mind, two people working in construction in the UK die by suicide every day. Three times higher than any other male dominated industry, that is a truly shocking statistic and one that we are committed to helping to reduce.

Suicide is the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK and ahead of World Suicide Prevention Day this Saturday, 10 September, we are focussed on raising awareness of the support available to our colleagues, supply chain and their families; ensuring that they feel able to talk about their mental health, know how and where to get the help they need and crucially, can spot the signs of poor mental health in both themselves and in others.

Each member of our team receives guidance on how and where to access mental health support at Lovell but we know that sometimes this information can be easy to forget or misplace. As a result, over the coming weeks we are reinforcing the availability of this information, installing new posters, banners and hoardings across all of our sites, ensuring it is available to all.

We recognise that it can be daunting to speak up about personal difficulties but our mental health first aiders are always available for a confidential chat. We have teams of mental health first aiders in every Lovell region on hand to listen and lend support to their peers no matter what difficulties they may be facing. This network has been a real source of strength and success to others in the past and we want to ensure that our colleagues feel able to approach one another in times of need.

Another accessible source of support is our confidential 24hr employee helpline. Available to all Lovell employees and their families, we have recently extended access to include our supply chain and their families to ensure that support is there for as many of the lives we touch as possible. The professionals working for this helpline provide completely confidential support on a wide range of issues that impact mental health, such as relationships and financial issues.

If poor mental health is something you are struggling with, or you are concerned about the welfare of a family member or colleague, we urge you to speak up and access the support you need. Our helpline can be reached by calling 0800 028 0199 at any time of day or night.  Taking the initial step is often the scariest but we are here to help you towards a much brighter future.