07 / 06 / 2023

Lovell Partnerships, a leading new-home construction and development company, is delighted to announce the appointment of Simon Gordon as the new Regional Operations Director for the Eastern region.

With over two decades of experience in the industry, Simon brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the role, having worked with several well-established development and construction businesses throughout his career.

Having held key positions at renowned house builder and civil engineering companies, Simon demonstrates exceptional industry awareness. His dedication and commitment to the field are further upheld by his degree in Construction and Management, which equips him with a comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved.

Simon's extensive experience and qualities make him an excellent fit for Lovell Partnerships. He expresses his eagerness to join the company's already exciting growth story and contribute to its upward trajectory. Recognising the presence of an excellent operations team in the Eastern region, Simon commends the talented individuals who are already driving success in the organisation.

In his new role, Simon will focus on elevating quality and production standards, while prioritising health and safety as paramount considerations. He intends to work collaboratively with the existing teams to achieve the organisation's goals and key performance indicators, bringing a fair yet firm leadership style.

Speaking about his new role, Simon states, "I am thrilled to be joining Lovell as the Regional Operations Director for the Eastern region. It's an incredible opportunity to contribute to the company's growth story. Despite the challenges in the housing market, I am confident in our ability to overcome them. Together with the exceptional teams in place, we will elevate quality, production and prioritise health and safety. I look forward to the journey ahead."

Lovell is confident that Simon's appointment as Regional Operations Director will significantly contribute to the company's ongoing success and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional projects. His arrival marks an exciting chapter in the company's journey, as Lovell strengthens its position as a leading construction and development organisation in the Eastern region.