26 / 05 / 2023

We are over the moon with our excellent scores in our recent Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) report recorded in April for our Southend Road site at Hunstanton.



The report is divided into three sections; respect for the community, care for the environment and value of its workforce. In all areas, we received 15/15, making our total report score 45/45.

We received these wonderful comments:

  • Respect the community: “The contractor actively supports local community facilities. An impressive level of support for goodwill works, and integration with local charities.” 
  • Care for the environment: “Extensive steps have been taken to protect natural species habitats. There is an established environmental policy which is displayed and implemented on-site. Environmental issues feature prominently within the site induction process. The contractor is taking active steps to promote environmental credentials and achievements relating to the project. Local labour and suppliers are utilised wherever possible. There are clearly established waste management systems in place. Arrangements are in place for dealing with emergency spillages. There have been considerable steps taken by the contractor to reduce the carbon footprint of the project. Energy saving measures have been implemented within the site accommodation. Clear targets are set for environmental performance in day-to-day operations.”
  • Value their workforce: “The welfare facilities and support available to the workforce are positive. The site generally demonstrates consideration for the needs of the workforce and proactive arrangements towards their health and wellbeing. Sanitary products, RPE controls, lighting and operational occupational health support are noted.”

Craig Baldry, site manager at Southend Road says: “Our team works so hard to meet high standards, support our communities we operate in and care for the environment, and to be acknowledged for this by CCS and receive these scores for our Hunstanton site is incredible and a real boost for our team. As part of Mental Health Awareness Week in May, we also created a stunning garden on-site where people can relax and unwind. Seeing all this hard work being recognised in the report is fantastic.”