15 / 05 / 2023

Gislingham Church of England Primary School is in the beautiful village of Gislingham in Suffolk. After a few years in planning, the school recently finished its new one mile long running track which is now being enjoyed by the students.

We donated money to the school for the costs of the track to get the students outdoors to benefit their physical and mental health.

Richard Benstock, headteacher at the school, comments: "The Gislingham Primary School running track is a uniquely designed resource to allow children the opportunity for an enjoyable, healthy and creative method of exercise all year round. The financial contribution from Lovell was pivotal in us being able to complete this project that will undoubtedly have an impact on the physical and mental health of children for years to come."

Sasha Bainbridge, partnerships director at Lovell, said: “The school told us how needed this track was to provide a source of exercise and enjoyment during periods of inconsistent weather where the field was inaccessible, so we were happy to help the school with a project that will be used by the students every day. The race track has been built from sustainable and high-quality materials and was built to be accessible to all children, with features such as non-slip surfacing and appropriate gradients to cater to children of different ages and abilities. We hope the students of Gislingham Primary School enjoy some fun and competitive races on it.”


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