07 / 03 / 2024

To continue celebrating Women in Construction Week, today we’re sharing the career journey of Justine Elliott, our National Sales Director at Lovell. Leading our marketing and sales department, Justine has played an instrumental role in the success of the business over the past 13 years.

Q1. Tell us about your role at Lovell

I first joined Lovell as a National Sales Manager in 2011 and then progressed to Director a couple of years later, where I’ve had a chance to work on many exciting development projects across the UK from our office in Tamworth. It has been very rewarding to be part of a construction team driven by the delivery of affordable and sustainable housing across the nation.

Q2. What appealed to you about the industry?
The housing need is higher now than ever before and Lovell is committed to building safe and efficient homes for families nationally. This echoed with my own beliefs: as a mum of three children, I want to make a positive impact in the construction sector for current and future generations. The industry is constantly changing and so are its priorities, from affordability to regeneration and sustainability, so I’m passionate about making a commitment to provide high-quality homes that are accessible to everyone, no matter their social or economic background.

Q3. What was your route into the industry?

From my early career days, I’ve always been involved in the housebuilding area. One of my first positions was as an onsite Sales Executive at Barratt Developments and then in a negotiations role at Fairclough Homes. As I worked my way up, I expanded my role to focus on both sales and marketing, which equipped me with the skills and expertise to join the Board at Lovell in 2013.

Q4. What advice would you give to other women looking to get into the industry?
Challenge yourself and don’t restrict your abilities just to fit in with society’s expectations! As women, we’re incredibly good at listening to others and this is a critical skill in the construction sector, allowing us to understand the buyers’ demands, gather their insights, and strengthen relationships with our supply chain partners. It’s only by doing this that we’re able to truly innovate the sector and ensure it can cater for the nation’s evolving needs.

Q5. Why’s it so important to have a diverse construction sector?

Being a working mother, I understand it’s not always easy for women to juggle a work-life balance! This is why it’s important to have a diverse construction sector to further inspire women to join this career path and be reassured there’s always support available from those who are going through similar experiences. Inclusivity is key to expand the range of skills within the sector and create a more accepting and open-minded workplace where everyone is valued for their insights. I’m really grateful for the Lovell team to have been by my side for the past 13 years and to have continuously inspired me to grow in my career.

At Lovell, we are inspired by the tenacity and commitment of our female employees in delivering affordable and innovative homes, and Justine Elliott is a great example of this. Look out for more inspiring Women in Construction Week content coming your way this week on our website and social channels!