01 / 03 / 2024

Schoolchildren across the north west will have access to a unique book aimed at boosting wellbeing and resilience, as part of an initiative by Lovell launched ahead of World Book Day on March 7.

Working with regional author and wellbeing coach, Jo Haworth, Lovell has generously donated 10 copies of her book ‘Glad to be Dan’ to school libraries in Liverpool, Manchester, Salford and Cumbria helping to develop skills for coping with emotions and adapting to different situations.

Laura Taylor, community engagement manager at Lovell, who led the campaign, said: “While schools diligently work to ensure children understand their emotions, our goal is to provide them with additional tools to enhance this crucial skill. 'Glad to Be Dan' serves as a resource for children seeking help, offering a retreat into the world of mindful exercises.

“This is a unique way for Lovell to intertwine our commitment to supporting wellbeing and resilience in the communities we build, with a celebration of books and reading.”

In addition to the book donation, Lovell is also providing wellbeing worksheets to be sent home with students. This aims to extend the importance of practices beyond the school environment, fostering a holistic approach to emotional resilience.

All the schools who received books expressed gratitude for the donation and support from Lovell ahead of World Book Day.

They acknowledged the significance of promoting wellbeing alongside the celebration of literature, emphasising the positive impact these initiatives will have on the school community.

Lovell continues to prioritise community well-being, and through this initiative, it is contributing to the emotional resilience of young minds.

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