New Build Contracting

As one of the most experienced new build contractors in the UK, we have been building for the affordable housing sector for over 50 years. Whether for Housing Associations or local authorities, we are the partner of choice for many clients. We pride ourselves on one of the best health and safety records in the industry, ensuring our staff and supply chain are safe on our sites.

We always look to provide a quality home for partners, but also always provide local jobs and investment in an area wherever we work. Our expertise ranges from small rural schemes through to major regeneration projects. We utilise modern methods of construction and fast track building processes when required, always seeking to improve our new build development process through innovation.

Looking for a trusted new build contractor?

From sourcing land to building homes, Lovell Partnerships has a long, successful history of joint ventures. Want to discuss how we could work together? Get in touch to start the conversation today.